OI Ljubljana

Visions and Goals

High quality health and medical care as well as intensive endeavors in the field of research and education are the distinctions of the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana that have ranked this institution among the most appreciated cancer centers in Central European countries.

The major vision of the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is to remain the leading cancer center in Slovenia and to retain a distinguished position among the cancer centers in Europe also in the future.

In order to put this vision into reality, the Institute has set clear goals at all levels of its activities.

At the level of medical activity, the Institute is aiming to follow a multidisciplinary approach to the comprehensive care of cancer patients by assuring harmonious progress to all disciplines in oncology. One of the compelling goals of the Institute is to draw up treatment guidelines (recommendations) and set controls over their implementation by minimum treatment standards in oncology in Slovenia. With the adoption of such guidelines, the approaches to cancer detection and treatment at the secondary level would be unified in the whole country. Among the Institute’s goals, the enhancement of international cooperation and interexchange of experts from all oncology branches are also of supreme importance.

At the education level, the Institute is striving to maintain its position as the reference national institution for both Slovenian medical faculties, one at the University of Ljubljana and the other at the University of Maribor, for the schools for health professionals at the university undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also at the secondary school level, as well as to become an internationally renowned training institution for all oncology disciplines.

At the level of research activities, the Institute is putting much effort into the expansion and better coordination of research work in oncology in Slovenia as well as in participation in international research projects.

At the level of financial policy, the Institute aims to gain sufficient financial resources assuring a stable functioning and further development as well as to have more power in the implementation of money distribution policy in order to increase the share of resources allocated to oncology which should be regarded as the state’s priority. An additional source of income besides public sources (e.g. the Agreement with Health Institute of RS) is marketing health services.



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