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Department of Molecular Diagnostics

Head of the Department of Molecular Diagnostic
Srdjan Novaković, DSc (Biol.), Research Adviser
T: + 386 1 5879 432
E: snovakovic@onko-i.si






The new tasks that the Department of Molecular Diagnostics is in charge of are diagnostic tests for the needs of genetic counseling on breast cancer (mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2), on colorectal cancer (APC mutations in FAP – family adenomatous polyposis), evaluation of macrosatellite instability and mutations in the genes MMR and HNPCC – hereditary non-polypous colorectal cancer), and on malignant melanoma (mutations in the genes CDKN2A and CDK4).

Meanwhile, the Department will continue with the diagnostics of lymphomas (evaluation of lymphoid proliferation clonality, confirmation of chromosomal translocations in follicular and mantle cell lymphomas), of thyroid carcinomas (mutations in the proto-oncogene RET), and with the evaluation of telomerase activity in different cancers (breast and thyroid cancers, malignant melanoma, lymphoma, etc.). The Department is also engaged in initiating PTT tests (protein truncation tests) or similar tests that would respond to the needs of global genetic screening.

Beside the routine laboratory work, the Department will undertake also research work. A part of the research will be focused on the introduction of new diagnostic methods, and the other part will investigate tumor vaccines and other biological therapeutics.

The Department of Molecular Diagnostics is widely open to concrete research proposals by the employees of other departments of the Institute.



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