OI Ljubljana

Department of Pathology

Head of the Department of Pathology
Barbara Gazič, MD, PhD
T: + 386 1 5879 718 
E: bgazic@onko-i.si

The basic tasks of the Department of pathology are histopathological diagnostics and autopsies for the needs of the Institute of Oncology and, occasionally, for specific needs of other health care institutions in Slovenia.

Around 7,000 biopsies are examined yearly at the Department and almost half of them are cancer tissue samples.

The work of the department is mainly focused on the diagnostics and research of:

  • breast tumors,
  • haemotopoietic and lymphatic tissue tumors,
  • intestinal tract tumors,
  • thyroid tumors,
  • soft tissue and bone tumors.

The Department also provides consultancy services for the pathologists working in the hospitals throughout Slovenia, and takes care for further improvement of their knowledge by organizing regular slide seminars. These seminars are often participated by the pathologists from neighboring countries.



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