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Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is a public health institution providing health services on the secondary and tertiary levels as well as performing educational and research activities in oncology in Slovenia. It was founded in 1938 and at that time was one of the first comprehensive cancer centres in Europe.

As a principal national institution, the Institute supervises programs on the comprehensive management of cancer diseases in terms of prevention, early detection, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation, research and education

A multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment and team work, significant achievements in medical work and scientific research, fruitful cooperation with local health institutions and effective integration in the network of Slovenian health care services as well as cooperation with similar institutions in Europe and the rest of the world have remained the fundamental mainstay of further progress.

The Institute implements and monitors the National Cancer Control Program. The major goals of this program are to reduce cancer incidence and the cancer death rate, to ensure equality of access to treatment potential and a high quality of life to cancer survivors, and also to provide palliative care.

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