OI Ljubljana

Department of Laboratory Diagnostics

Head of the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics 
Barbara Možina, MSc (Biochem.)
T: + 386 1 587 9836 
E: bmozina@onko-i.si

Fields of work

The department is a medical laboratory that performs examinations in the field of clinical biochemistry on different types of biological samples (blood, urine, stool, bone marrow, and other). Modern analytical equipment enables a quick and reliable implementation of different haematological and urine examinations, coagulation tests, examinations of electrolytes, substrates, enzymes, serum protein electrophoresis, tumour markers, thyroid hormones, and antibodies.

Key professional and technological achievements

They have established a comprehensive quality-assurance system and met all the professional and technical requirements for a license granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia based on the Rules on requirements to be met by laboratories performing laboratory medicine tests. In 2009, they received their first licence which has to be renewed every five years. They have introduced modern flow cytometry to haematological and urine diagnostics. They have also introduced capillary serum protein electrophoresis, many new laboratory examination techniques, mostly in the field of thyroid diagnostics (intact PTH, calcitonin), new tumour markers (SCC, proGRP, Cyfra-21, HE4, and CA 72-4), and biochemical examinations that are important in the monitoring of cancer patients (procalcitonin, NT-proBNP, testosterone, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folates, and others).



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