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International projects

The Institute of Oncology participates in the conduct of European projects. These projects are related to national projects and establish direct contacts of Slovenian oncology with European research area.

Moreover, the Institute is promoting contacts also with accredited research institutions abroad by bilateral projects, thus also encouraging the interchange of investigators among these institutions.

US projects

CodeProgramme titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
NIH DNA-specific pattern recognition receptor activation following DNA electroporation 2015-2020Prof. Maja Cemazar PhD

Bilateral cooperation

CodeProgramme titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
BI-US/18-20-027 Radiotherapy induced expression of DNA sensors and cytokines in tumor cells 1. 10. 2018-30. 9. 2020Prof. Maja Cemazar PhD
PROTEUS In vivo gene therapy targeting of skin-resident immune cells 2019-2020Asst. Prof. Urška Kamenšek
BI-US/19-21-039 Factors affecting combined electrochemotherapy with immunogene therapy of cancer 1. 10. 2019-30.9. 2021Prof. Gregor Serša
BI-US/19-21-102 Bridging the gap between three-dimensional biomimetic vascular models and in vivo tumor vasculature 1. 10. 2019-30. 9. 2021Bostjan Markelc



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