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Research Outline

In our country, all cancer research is performed under the umbrella of oncology, a research area that deals with the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of malignant diseases as well as with reducing treatment toxicity.

In its function of a fundamental coordinating institution in oncology research, the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is cooperating with several research institutes of the Medical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, with the university clinics and institutes at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, with Jozef Stefan Institute, Faculty of Biotechnics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Biology, Maribor General Hospital and with a number of other instituions.

The research covers the following topics in oncology:

  • cancerogenesis;
  • development of tumors and their characteristics;
  • response of the organism;
  • detection and diagnosis of cancer;
  • cancer treatment, and
  • treatment sequelae.

Over the last twenty years, the Institute of Oncology has been joining numerous international clinical research studies, and thereby also cooperating with several renowned international institutions for cancer treatment and research.



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