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Special Library of Oncology

In the early 1950’s, the Special Library of Oncology was established as the central Slovenian oncology library and specialized oncology information center. The library collects, organizes, maintains, and preserves specialized collections of monographs, oncology and oncology-related scientific journals, numerous semi-publications, and other literature in the field of oncology.

The library provides its users with the latest scientific and professional literature for their everyday clinical, medical, nursing, research, and didactic practices. The library is frequented by clinicians, researchers, nurses, and other professional healthcare workers from the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana and other healthcare or similar institutions around Slovenia. The library also provides its services to researchers, lecturers, and students from biomedical faculties.

The Special Library of Oncology partakes in an interlibrary loan (ILL) and document delivery services (DDS) network with other Slovenian and international libraries.

Scientific production of the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana:

In 1995, the library was included in the Slovenian bibliographic cataloguing system COBISS.si




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