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International Projects

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Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) RESEARCH PROJECTS

CodeProject titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
J3-2537 New method for estimating life-years gained in population-based cancer screening programmes (S-LYG) 1.9.2020-31.8.2024Prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD

Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) RESEARCH PROGRAMMES

CodeProject titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
P3-0352 (C) Moderate and high cancer risk population: counseling, mutational screening and prevention strategies 1. 1. 2009-31. 12. 2027Prof. Janez Zgajnar PhD

Other projects

CodeProgramme titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
Managing of skin melanoma patients in Slovenia 2018 - 2021prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD
Analysis of radon exposure on the lung cancer incidence in Slovenia 2020 - 2022Prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD
Real World Study of time to diagnosis, PD-L1 testing patterns, treatment initiation in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 2020 - 2024prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD

Completed research projects

CodeProject titlePeriodPrincipal Investigator at the Insitute of Oncology
V3-1638 (C) Development and implementation of personalised breast cancer risk evaluation tool for Slovenian population 1. 10. 2016-30. 9. 2019Assoc. Prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD
V3-1713 (B) Comprehensive analysis of management of urological cancer patients with an assessment of possible delays in referrals, realization of diagnostics procedures and first treatment 1.4.2018 - 31.03.2020Assoc. Prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD
V3-1720 (B) Analysis and estimation of requirements of human resources for cancer treatment in Slovenia 1.4.2018 - 31.3.2020Prof. Branko Zakotnik PhD
J3-7272 (A) Methods of estimation of key indicators in population cancer survival 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2018prof. dr. Pohar Perme Maja (Univerza v Ljubljani, Medicinska fakulteta), prof. dr. Vesna Zadnik (Onkološki inštitut)
- Cancer incidence at dravsko polje: geographical analysis of cancer incidence in the municipality of Rače-Fram and surrounding settlements 2018 - 2019Prof Vesna Zadnik PhD
V3-2032 The impact of COVID-19 on the cancer management in Slovenia 1. 10. 2020-30. 9. 2022Tina Žagar PhD
V3-1718 Health risk assessment for exposures of children to low-frequency electric and magnetic (EM) fields in Slovenia 1.4.2018 - 31.3.2021Prof. Tadej Kotnik PhD, Prof. Vesna Zadnik PhD






Health related quality of life in Croatian general population and in patients with multiple myleoma

Sanja Ledinski Fičko

2016 - 2019

prof. dr. Vesna Zadnik

Impact of integration of the risk-based tailored screening on the national breast cancer screening programme invitation scheme

Katja Jarm

2017 - 2021

prof. dr. Vesna Zadnik

Estimation of the ecological fallacy in the geographical analysis of the association of socio-economic deprivation on cancer incidence

Katarina Lokar

2018 - 2021

prof. dr. Vesna Zadnik

Analysis of the population burden of late effects of childhood cancer treatment

Ana Mihor2020-2024prof. dr. Vesna Zadnik



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