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Vision and Goals

The treatment of cancer patient is multidisciplinary, which is why Institute of Oncology is organised and functions as the national centre of oncology for comprehensive cancer treatment.
To ensure the best possible treatment and care for cancer patients, we strive towards a higher quality of life and health care. Additionally, we are also among the best centres of oncology in Europe in the field of cancer research and education.


We follow the values that are the foundation of our development strategy:
• Patient wellbeing is a key value. We treat the patient comprehensively, considering all their aspects and their own value system and dignity.
• Good mutual relationships that reduce the influence of stress factors to which we are exposed in our field of work, and that at the same time enable an unselfish transfer of knowledge among colleagues. They are based on the integrity of individuals, their responsibility, and honesty.
• Excellence appears in the high level of expertise guided by constant trainings, in the obligation to comply with international guidelines and standards in the field of patient treatment, and in the effort to achieve the highest possible level of quality and safety.

The fundamental mission of IO is to limit the burden of cancer in Slovenia as much as possible. As a tertiary institution, we try to reduce the increasing rate of cancer incidence, decrease cancer mortality, increase the survival rate of cancer patients, and improve the quality of their lives.

The vision of IO is to remain the leading institution in the field of oncology in Slovenia, and hold its place among the leading centres of oncology in Europe.
To achieve our vision, we follow our set goals in all our fields and activities:

In the professional field, IO’s goal is to continue with the multidisciplinary approach for the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients and to ensure a consistent development of all professions in oncology, both of which ensure that IO will continue performing the function of a comprehensive centre of oncology on the national level in the future. Another important goal is to constantly update the guidelines (recommendations) and to determine the minimum standards in diagnostics and treatment in the field of oncology in Slovenia, as this is necessary to ensure consistent approaches in detecting and treating malignant diseases on the secondary level in the country. It is also our goal to strengthen our international connections, cooperation, and exchange of professionals in all fields of expertise.
In the field of education, IO’s goal is to stay a reference national learning institute for both Faculties of Medicine in the country, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and other faculties and schools at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to establish itself as a recognised international educational institution for all fields of expertise in oncology.
In the field of research, IO’s goal is to expand and improve the coordination of research work in the field of oncology in Slovenia, and to cooperate on European research projects.
In the field of financing, IO’s goal is to ensure sufficient assets that will enable financial stability and further development, and at the same time increase the influence on the decisions regarding the distribution of assets in health care for the benefit of oncology. Another goal is to establish a system that will enable fund gathering outside of the guaranteed assets (contract with ZZZS) from public sources, i.e. marketing of health services.
In the field of premises and equipment, our goal is to complete both planned construction phases and to acquire and maintain a suitable medical equipment that will be replaced with new and modern equipment when necessary.



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