OI Ljubljana

Department of Radiology

Head of the Department of Radiology
Nina Boc, MD, PhD
E: nboc@onko-i.si


Fields of work

Performs modern radiological examinations for cancer patients and potential cancer patients:
• MR examinations of the central nervous system, neck, breasts, abdomen, pelvis and skeleton;
• CT examination of the head, skeleton, chest, and abdomen;
• Mammography and intervention procedures in the breast;
• Ultrasound of the abdomen, breasts, neck, testis, soft tissues, as well as ultrasound-guided biopsies and ultrasound with contrast agents;
• X-ray of the skeleton and chest organs, and contrast examinations of the digestive system;
The department is completely equipped with digital imaging modalities, and all global trends are considered when acquiring new equipment.

Key professional and technological achievements

In the last 10 years, we have introduced four new methods: tomosynthesis that produces three-dimensional breast images, new examination techniques using MRI-like diffusion and perfusion, elastography in ultrasound imaging, and contrast-enhanced spectral mammography. We have also replaced multiple devices. Radiologists are part of the team in clinical trials and scientific studies. They are involved in the education of residents and medical students at the Faculties of Medicine, Faculties of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.



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