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Division of Nursing of and Care for Patients

Acting Head of Nursing and Patient Care Activities 
Milka Mlakar Petrič, Registered Nurse (RN) 
T: +386 1 5879 113 
E: mmlakarpetric@onko-i.si

The services of the Division of Nursing and Care for Patients are performed in outpatient (650 to 750 treatments per day) and inpatient settings (on 265 hospital beds). The Division of Nursing and Care for Patients employs 173 registered nurses responsible for providing cancer nursing care, 166 technicians, 11 orderlines, 4 social workers, 3 sanitary engineers, and 52 attendants.
Knowledge and skills are defined in the document called Knowledge Map that is continuously updated and developed by employees of all professional groups. Employees in this division comply with the guidelines for cancer nursing and the principle of the professional ethics code.

Fields of work

Departments and units of the Division of Nursing and Care for Patients independently perform and actively participate in the comprehensive care for cancer patients and their family members. They are active in the fields of diagnostics, specific and support cancer treatment, and rehabilitation of cancer patients. They always comply with the principles of safe and high-quality cancer nursing care.

Key professional achievements

In the last decade, the achievements of the departments and units of the Division of Nursing and Care for Patients can be summed up in three visible areas: technological (informatisation and modern equipment), professional (evidence-based practice), and organisational (modern knowledge and solutions for work management and organisation at all levels, and improving the skill mix in cancer nursing care).



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