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Epidemiology and Cancer Registry

Head of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry Sector                                     
Vesna Zadnik, MD, PhD, professor of public health
E: vzadnik@onko-i.si

The Epidemiology and Cancer Registry sector provides comprehensive management of oncological public health and oncological epidemiology in Slovenia.

In cancer registers we collect data and prepare population-based indicators on cancer burden and cancer patients management in the country. Through in-depth study of the collected data, we monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the National Cancer Control Program and perform other epidemiological studies.

We are directing the population-based cervical cancer screening programme – National Programme ZORA

For the national breast cancer screening programme DORA we manage the registry and call centre.

We run comprehensive epidemiological research on cancer incidence, time trends, spatial distribution, survival of cancer patients, effectivness of screening programs, etc. Our ongoing research programs in projects are available here.

The sector serves also as a learning base of oncological epidemiology for under and postgraduate students and public health residents.

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