OI Ljubljana

By Plane

There are regular bus connections between the airport and the main bus and railway station in Ljubljana. The drive takes 45 minutes. Bus tickets can be bought from the bus driver. Information on bus ticket prices may be obtained by phone, no. 090 4230, whereas information on bus arrivals and departures is available on the Ljubljana Airport home page.

From the airport, Ljubljana can be reached by car, by taking the highway. Read the instructions given below. Try to find your way to the main railway and bus station and follow the signposts leading to the  University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

By Train or Bus

Ljubljana has good railway and bus connections with other districts in Slovenia as well as with larger European cities. More detailed information on railway transfers can be obtained by phone, no. 01 2913 332 or by visiting the web site of Slovenske železnice; to get more information on bus transfers, kindly call commercial line no. 090 42 30 or visit the homepage of Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana.

Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is within 15-minute walking distance away from the main railway and bus station. You can take a taxi to the Institute or you can use the Ljubljana Public Passenger Transport; the line 9 will take you from the railway station to the Institute. Get off at the bus stop in front of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. By the Ljubljana Public Passenger Transport 

The easiest way to reach the Institute is by taking Ljubljana Public Passenger Transport or a taxi as parking spaces near the Institute are scarce.

The Ljubljana Public Passenger Transport lines leading to the Institute are line nos. 2, 9, 10, 11 and 20. The buses of the above lines all stop at the same bus stop on Zaloška cesta (Zaloška road) in front of the University Medical Centre, except for buses on line no. 5, which stops on Hrvatski trg.(Croatian Square).

Should you require more information on bus timetables, kindly visit the website Ljubljanski potniški promet.

By Car

Point of departure: Germany / Austria (Klagenfurt) Slovenia (Bled – Kranj – Brnik Airport): The A2 highway runs from Kranj to Ljubljana. After exiting from the highway, turn left and drive for 5 km all the way along Celovška cesta; at the last crossroad, go on along Gosposvetska, Dalmatinova and Ilirska ulica (stree); at the intersection in front of the Polyclinic, turn right and immediately left onto Zaloška cesta and, after a few meters of a drive, you will notice the Insitute on your right hand side.

Point of departure: Croatia (Zagreb) / Slovenia (Novo mesto), Hungary / Slovenia (Maribor), and Italy / Slovenia (Koper – Postojna): Get off the highway at the Ljubljana-vzhod (Ljubljana-East) exit and drive for 5 km all the way along Zaloška cesta, until you get to the University Medical Centre on your right hand side and the Institute on your left hand side. 

If you are driving on the highway from Italy / Slovenia (Koper-Postojna), drive on to the ring roads encircling the city, take the direction towards Zagreb or vzhod (East); this is the quickest way to reach the Ljubljana vzhod (Ljubljana-East) exit.

Where to park?

  • Crossroads of Zaloška and Njegoševa –  ’Šentpeter’ Multi-storey car park, entrance from Njegoševa;
  • Near the University Medical Centre, by the side of the entrance to the Accident and Emergency Center –  ’Klinični center’ parking lot, entrance from Njegoševa;
  • Petkovškovo nabrežje, entrance from Kopitarjeva ulica that crosses Zmajski most (Zmajski bridge); the exit from the parking lot leads to Rozmanova ulica that runs from Vrazov trg;
  • Parking house ’Kapitelj’: the entrance from Poljanski nasip that extends along the Ljubljanica from Zmajski most onwards;
  • Parking lots along Zaloška, Ilirska and Poljanski nasip.
  • Crossroads of Njegoševa and Bohoričeva – parking house Meksiko.



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