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Department of Nuclear Medicine

Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine
Andrej Doma, MD, PhD
T: + 386 1 5879 237 
E: adoma@onko-i.si

Fields of work

The department performs conventional and hybrid nuclear medicine examinations for IO, other health institutions in Slovenia, and some clinics at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. It is the only nuclear medicine department in Slovenia that provides radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer patients, the treatment of metastatic and castration-resistant, metastatic prostate cancer with Radium-223 chloride (Xofigo), radionuclide therapy of neuroblastoma and other MIBG-avid tumours, and lymphoma treatments with marked antibodies. The department takes part in IO’s medical board for thyroid diseases.

Key professional and technological achievements

- Introduction of hybrid imaging diagnostics using positron-emitting radiopharmaceuticals (PET/CT with 18-F-FDG and with 18-F-choline) or conventional radiopharmaceuticals (SPECT/CT).
- In cooperation with colleagues from the Department of Radiotherapy: radiation planning based on PET/CT results in patients with colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and oesophageal cancer, and women with genital malignancies.
- Cooperation on the development of the Slovenian guidelines for treating and monitoring thyroid cancer.
- In cooperation with colleagues from the Division of Surgery: verifying the suitability of isolated limb perfusion during an ongoing operative procedure (with 99mTc-labeled serum albumin and using a scintillation counter) in patients with melanoma.
- Introduction of the treatment of metastatic and castration-resistant prostate cancer using Radium-223 chloride.



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