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Sectors of the Institute of Oncology

The Institute if Oncology Ljubljana is a comprehensive national cancer center which carries out services required for cancer prevention and treatment, as well as rehabilitation and palliative care of cancer patients, and provides for the balanced national progress of oncology.

The Institute of Oncology performs health care services at the secondary and tertiary level, as well as research and educational work.

In the Slovenian national setting, the Institute of Oncology is a unique institution. It is the only comprehensive cancer center in the country, playing a specific role in the development of oncology in Slovenia. The Institute of Oncology is a cancer center conceptualized in up-to-date terms based on the guiding principles of oncology – multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionality. The organization of the institute is attuned to this concept, and in this anthology information on the achievements and future prospects of each unit can be found. The chart as it is now has not been conceived once and for all; that it is provisional can be noted from the development of new areas of work that were initiated after the adoption of the present chart. We may thus expect that new changes will happen at the institute in the future.

The areas of work at the Institute of Oncology are distributed among five sectors:

  • epidemiology and cancer registries,
  • medical care,
  • research,
  • education,
  • administration.


As already mentioned, a multidisciplinary and multiprofessional approach to the treatment of cancer patients and been adopted at the Institute of Oncology. For this reason, we have organized our work in teams consisting of experts having different areas of work and profiles. These multidisciplinary teams have regular consultation meetings, to which patients are invited for evaluation and decision-making on treatment. The oldest and largest is the breast multidisciplinary advisory team; presently, after the last revision in 2008, there are 11 multidisciplinary advisory teams ant the institute.

The number of multidisciplinary teams and, consequently, also their configuration varies depending on the on-spot need for specialists. For instance, this was also a reason for the recent establishment of the new advisory team “KRPAN” within the breast team, which treats no-palpable breast lesions prior to and after surgery. At its foundation, the team already met all the requirements for organized screening; therefore, it was not too demanding to harmonize it with European standards. Members of the multidisciplinary teams prepare treatment guidelines and a clinical path for each individual disease.

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