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Clinical Nutrition and Dietotherapy

In 2008, the Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Dietotherapy was the first in Slovenia to implement a professional multi-disciplinary approach to dietary therapy in all the phases of cancer treatment. In 2017, a clinical path of dietary support and therapy has been established in accordance with the professional guidelines for clinical nutrition. A special clinical department for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and gastrointestinal failure operates within the framework of the Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Dietotherapy, which also treats patients with other diseases. As the first in Slovenia, the Unit has developed a system of supplementary therapy for gastrointestinal failure which is also provided in the form of home therapy. The Unit is included in the European registry for chronic intestinal failure. The Unit for Clinical Nutrition and Dietotherapy conducts research and continuously provides education in the field of clinical nutrition. The employees are included in pedagogical processes at higher-education institutions and are integrated at all the levels of health care provision. They also work with different patient associations and provide a professional lever for the implementation of systemic regulations in the field of clinical nutrition in Slovenia.



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