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Department of Molecular Diagnostics

Head of the Department of Molecular Diagnostic
Srdjan Novaković, DSc (Biol.), Research Adviser
T: + 386 1 5879 432
E: snovakovic@onko-i.si

Fields of work

In hereditary types of cancer, the department identifies certain genetic changes to enable the early detection of mutation carriers, that are linked to a high risk of developing different types of cancer.
In case of sporadic forms of cancer, certain changes have to be identified that are important for predicting the development of the disease, the sub-classification of tumours, the recurrence of the disease, and for selecting the most suitable drugs and protocols for the so-called personalised treatment (treatment adapted to individual patients and their tumours).

Key professional and technological achievements

This professional and technological department performs molecular diagnostic methods for IO and other external institutions. They introduced the methods that enable exact identification of DNA changes from patient samples (e.g. the direct sequencing method, the multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) method, and next generation sequencing). The employees are constantly educated to enable a high professional interpretation of the obtained results. The results of molecular diagnostics are indispensable for genetic counselling, cancer diagnostics, or treatment protocol selection (e.g. identification of changes in KRAS and NRAS genes in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer; identification of changes in BRAF gene in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, metastatic melanoma, and thyroid cancer; determination of the clonality of lymphoid proliferations).



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