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The Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is conceived as a comprehensive public institution for detection, treatment and research of cancer. As the leading institution in this domain in the country, it ensures balanced and proper development of oncology health services in Slovenia. This is why research and education need to hold a special position at the institute – because they enhance both knowledge acquisition and expansion. Research and education are being implemented in all organizational units of the institute.

The concept of research work at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is designed to cover all important oncology domains: (1) cancerogenesis, (2) cancer biology – tumor growth and its characteristics, (3) cancer epidemiology, (4) adaptable mechanisms of organism contracted with cancer and adjustable mechanisms of cancer cells – in particular tumor immunology, (5) cancer detection and classification, (6) cancer treatment, and (7) determination of early and late sequels of cancer therapies.

Research vision: Drawing together the results of basic, applicative and clinical trials in order to apply them to obtain the most efficient control over cancer possible.

Research aim: Effective translation of knowledge from the multilevel research domain into clinical practice.

Education at the institute is an ongoing process, inseparable from clinical and research work. It takes place at two different levels: education specialists in oncology, and promoting awareness of and education on cancer among the population.

Educational vision: Raising awareness of cancer as a controllable disease, claiming that fighting against cancer is not necessarily fighting a losing battle.

Educational aims: Continuous education of expert staff involved in oncology at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana and at other health institutions in the country, and raising awareness and education of the lay population about the nature of the disease, its prevention, early self-detection of cancer, and which steps should be taken if the disease is suspected.

Clinical trials

Gender Equality Action Plan at the IO 2021–2025

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