OI Ljubljana


Head of Pharmacy
Monika Sonc, MSc (Pharm.), Specialist in Clinical Pharmacy
T: +386 1 5879 559
E: msonc@onko-i.si

Fields of work

The pharmacy procure, stores and dispenses all medicines, medical devices and medical consumable goods to all IO units. One of the main activities of the pharmacy is centralised, computer-supported preparation of antitumor drugs for patients. We provide safe, high-quality, and efficient treatment with medicines within clinical pharmacy, report on adverse drug reactions, participate in all clinical trials, cooperate with other health workers, and participate in trainings and counselling.

Key professional and technological achievements

Recently, the pharmacy has acquired new facilities for the aseptic preparation of antitumor drugs that enable the preparation of drugs in accordance with the newest guidelines for good manufacturing practice (GMP).
In the professional field, they strive for a better recognition and the development of oncology pharmacy. They educate and inform pharmacy students, clinical pharmacy residents, and other health workers about the novelties in the field of oncological pharmacotherapy, and they actively participate in Slovenian and international professional associations. They cooperated on the establishment of the system for e-reporting on adverse drug reactions, and on the international EPIC project that is establishing a continuous programme for educating pharmacists and a database with information on oral antitumor drugs for better cancer treatment results.



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