OI Ljubljana

Management and organization

IO is an independent public health institution which offers health services at the secondary and tertiary levels, provides education, and conducts research. The Director General manages and organizes IO's business, while the Medical Director manages the professional, research, and educational work at IO. In addition to that, the Medical Director also heads the Council of Experts which ensures the comprehensive treatment of cancer patients and a coordinated functioning of all organizational units. Business and administration are supervised by the Council of IO.

The Institute is managed by the Management which is in charge of all financial and legal affairs, as well as all affairs relating to human resources, planning and analysis, technical maintenance, public procurement, IT, and PR. Their work is essential in ensuring the transparency of operations that utilize public resources in order to provide comprehensive cancer treatment. The Management interoperates with all the professional activities carried out at the Institute, manages the supply of the material necessary for the provision of health services, and provides professional support in health care provision and various work processes. IO has one of the leanest management structures of all public health care institutions in Slovenia, which it has proved with on-going positive business results throughout the past seven years.



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