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Genetic Counselling/Cancer Genetics Clinic

The department provides genetic counselling and testing to cancer patients whenever the results of genetic testing are important for the planning of oncological treatment and whenever there is a risk that the patient has developed their disease based on a hereditary genetic disorder. The Department also provides counselling and testing to the patients' family members. To this end, their clinic prepares cancer risk assessment based on the family history, the results of genetic testing and other cancer risk factors. Clinic is organized in a multidisciplinary setting and is offering counseling, testing and high risk screening and treatment within the Institute, since its initiation in 1999.

In 2018, the Department was celebrating the 10th anniversary of programme accreditation by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. It is a successful demonstration of translating the research project conceptualized in 1999 into practice. 

Their professional work in this field has resulted in the production and publication of the clinical pathways for cancer genetic counselling and testing, guidelines and recommendations, as well as numerous publications on their professional work. In 2017, Department became a reference center in the European reference network for genetic tumour risk syndromes (ERN GENTURIS), where they actively participate in various work groups.

Since 2018 they are running also a Slovenian National Registry of Tested Individuals from Families with Hereditary Cancer. Since its introduction notification of genetic assessment of hereditary cancer is compulsory in Slovenia and prescribed by law.

Head of Cancer Genetics Clinic:

Assist. prof. Mateja Krajc, MD, PhD
clinical geneticist and public health specialist

E: mkrajc@onko-i.si



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