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Epidemiology Unit

Tina Žagar, PhD
T: +386 1 587 9562
E: register@onko-i.si
E: tzagar@onko-i.si

Epidemiology Unit is a specialist, research and educational service, dealing with routine processing of the data gathered in the registries, and also with other descriptive and analytical studies in cancer epidemiology.

The Unit is promoting the knowledge and skills gathered on extensive fields of work, such as cancer prevention or methodology of analytical epidemiology studies, by establishing contacts with the national and international epidemiology programs and by teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate courses and tutoring.

Research in epidemiology involves:

  • detailed analysis of gathered data in order to elucidate a certain condition, e.g. cancer incidence, time series, survival of cancer patients, efficiency of cancer screening programs and epidemiology studies in relation to the current needs and potentials; occasionally, extra data gathering is required;
  • Introduction of new statistical methods in cancer epidemiology in the Slovenian setting.

Education in epidemiology provides:

  • learning basis of cancer epidemiology for undergraduates and postgraduates at the Medical Faculty and schools for health studies;
  • co-operation with non-governmental organizations in cancer prevention and promoting cancer awareness.



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