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Clinical Cancer Registries

The data registered by the population-based Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia enables the monitoring of the population burden for all malignant and some non-malignant oncological diseases. By expanding the basic data set with additional diagnostic and treatment variables in so called clinical registries the quality of cancer care could be monitored as well.

Following the aims of the National Cancer Control Plan 2017-2021, the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is establishing a system for collecting and reporting the extended information for patients diagnosed with the most common cancers: breast, prostate, colon and rectum, lung and skin melanoma. The rules and procedures for registration in clinical registries remain in compliance with all applicable principles of the Slovenian population-based Cancer Registry.


As the first of the planned five clinical registers, in 2017 the Clinical Registry of Skin Melanoma (KrMel) has been founded. KrMel registers all patients with invasive and in situ skin melanoma (C43 in D03 according to MKB10) from 2016 onwards. In comparison with the data registered by the Slovenian population-based Cancer Registry, KRMel collects additional information on the type of disease in diagnostic procedures by the pathologists and dermatologists, but additional information on the treatment and response to treatment is acquired by the oncologists in surgeons.

Slovenian versions of Skin Melanoma Clinical Registry reports (published from 2019 onwards) are available in digital form here, while English versions are below (starting with 2024):



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