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Division of Diagnostics

Early detection and successful treatment of cancer can only be assured by applying appropriate and high-tech diagnostic tools and methods.

At the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, the diagnostics is carried out in the following departments:

  • Department of Laboratory Diagnostics – specializes in laboratory diagnostics from clinicochemical analysis of blood and other biological material;
  • Department of Molecular Diagnostics – partly introduce and apply molecular diagnostics in clinical practice for the needs of the institute, as well as of similar institutions outside the institute, partly study work in molecular and tumor biology;
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine – in charge of nuclear medical diagnostics and of treatment with radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Department of Cytopathology – provides its diagnostic cytopathology services to the institute, as well as to the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, and to general practitioners and other specialists in the Ljubljana region;
  • Department of Pathology – performs histopathological  examination of tissue samples and determines the nature of the tumor and its histological type, and also its various morphological and biological characteristics, which are predictive for the course of the disease and tumor  response to the selected treatment.
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