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Junior Research Fellows

In addition to other obligations, junior research fellows are also involved in the implementation of research programs and projects by the Institute of Oncology.

Junior research fellows play an important role in the implementation of research programs as well as in medical and educational domain.

The list below presents the junior research fellows trained at the Institute in 2020 and their mentors.

Junior Research FellowsMentors
Barbara Staresinic, MFuncBiolProf. Maja Cemazar, PhD (Biol.)
Tim BozicBostjan Markelc, PhD (Biol.)
Simona MiceskaErik Škof, PhD (MD)
Ursa Kesar, MDProf. dr. Primoz Strojan, PhD (MD)
Tinkara Remic, MScRadBiolUrska Kamensek, PhD (Biol.)
Jerneja VarlAcad. prof. Gregor Sersa, PhD (Biol.)
Tjasa OblakProf. Janez Zgajnar PhD (MD)
Kristina LevpuscekProf. dr. Primoz Strojan, PhD (MD)
Tilen KomelMasa Bosnjak, PhD (Biol.)



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