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Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructure for European Union

CCI4EU is a coordination and support action geared towards developing or improving existing or future Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructure (CCIs) by fostering research innovation and digital capacity development in cancer care. A tailored Capacity Building (CB) programme has been devised to fulfil the aim of this action: ensuring that 90% of cancer patients are treated in CCIs by 2030.

CCI4EU brings together EU’s largest Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs) with the combined multidisciplinary skills to fill in the gaps and build capacity in cancer expertise. The CCI4EU Consortium comprises several highly expert health authorities, which are brought together to tackle the challenges related to research capacity and capability.

CCI4EU brings together 55 partners from 27 EU Member States and 5 Associated Countries, as a part of the EC Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

Coordinated by OECI and under the leadership of Giovanni Apolone and Simon Oberst, this capacity building (CB) programme is a complex intervention that requires multiple and integrated actions delivered to the right stakeholders - policymakers, researchers, health professionals, patients, caregivers and private companies.

CB should be designed to foster improvement in care and research, with greater integration between them and supported by a continuing education programme, thereby contributing to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’s goal to reach the target of 90% treated in wider CCIs by 2030.

The CCI4EU project aims at:

•             defining a Maturity Model based on cancer research/care performance indicators to be used to analyse the maturity of CCIs across the EU

•             mapping the maturity of CCIs according to the agreed quality indicators and clustering them according to maturity

•             designing tailored capacity building interventions, giving priority to EU countries without any CCI

•             delivering online training courses open to all EU Member States and associated countries

•             implementing targeted onsite interventions

•             scaling up and sustaining development by dynamically engaging the right stakeholders; disseminating and exploiting project outcomes

More about the project: https://www.oeci.eu/ProjectDetails.aspx?id=14



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