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Plasma-assisted wound treatment and topical introduction of molecules

Principal investigator at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana: acad. prof. Gregor Serša PhD

The project aims at a research of atmospheric pressure plasmas for improved wound healing and novel topical introduction of molecules through the skin. Special aim will be given to deepen the understanding of the physical chemistry plasma-skin interactions that play a key role in plasma based wound healing and topical molecule introduction into the body. In a first step of research, the mechanism of active species/skin surface interaction in “biomedical plasma sources” will be studied by advanced plasma diagnostics. Secondly, plasma generated species will be studied indirectly through their surface reactions and evaluation of surfaces in post-treatment analyses. And thirdly, the animal in-vivo tests for plasma-skin reactions will be studied in order to quantify the transdermal and topical drug delivery and determine the skin healing dynamics. A project realization will provide scientific grounds to initiate wound healing clinical tests and/or painless drug delivery using plasma.

Details about the project are available on the website SICRIS: Plasma-assisted wound treatment and topical introduction of molecules.



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