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Cancer Registry of RS

Oparational head of the Cancer Registry of Slovenia
Fani Škrlec, RN, informatics ing.
T: +386 1 5879 381
E: register@onko-i.si

The Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia (Registry) is one of the oldest population-based registries in Europe. It was founded in 1950 at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana as a special service for collecting and processing data on cancer incidence and cancer patients’ survival.

The existence of a population-based cancer registry is justified only by regular processing, publishing and using the data collected. The Registry’s Annual Reports (AR) are one of the regular ways of disseminating information (AR 2001 (pdf, 3.31 Mb), AR 2002 (pdf, 1.24 Mb)AR 2003 (pdf, 3.36 Mb), AR 2004 (pdf, 2.17 Mb), AR 2005 (pdf, 2.03 Mb), AR 2006 (pdf, 904.83 Kb)), AR 2007 (pdf. 6,18 Mb), AR 2008 (pdf, 3.6Mb), AR 2009 (pdf, 3.1Mb), AR2010 (pdf, 4.3 Mb)AR2011 (pdf, 2.1Mb), AR2012 (pdf 2.5Mb), AR2013 (pdf. 2.3Mb), AR 2014 (pdf, 3.4 Mb).

Because of a variety of data sources, data collection, their linking and publication is rather time consuming (with us and elsewhere) and usually takes two to three years. The last report is for the year 2004, where preliminary information on expected incidence and rates in 2007 are presented.

More detailed analyses with commentaries are appearing in medical literature as monographs or articles.

The data collected in the Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia are accessible to Slovenian medical community, investigators or general public in various ways, by e-mail (register@onko-i.si ) or by regular mail.

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